Levittown Community Action Coalition Hosts Drug Take Back Day

Bins, sharps containers and garbage pails began to fill up as members from the Levittown Community want to help make a stand and are concerned with what is happening in their community.
This past weekend at Wisdom Lane Middle School, The Levittown Community Action Coalition urged members of the Levittown and Island Trees community to empty out their medicine cabinets and dispose medication or drugs that are no longer needed from old medical prescriptions.
The Levittown Community Action Coalition works with the Levittown and Island trees community to prevent substance abuse in the community and help keep the community safe. Many lives have been lost due to opioid academic. The LCAC works with the school’s churches, local police departments, and other stake holders within the Levittown community to help spread the word and fight against substance abuse addiction.

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At Drug Take Back Day people came and dropped off any unused narcotics or expired medication in their house. The police department takes it and deposes it, to get it out of people’s homes. The LCAC stresses that once you don’t need your medication anymore for a certain prescription, get those medicine or drugs out of the house.

“We have talked to real estate companies and during open houses people actually come back home and their medicine is gone, it’s a problem.” Said Corrine Alba who is the Co-Chair of LCAC and is a director for YES Community Counselling Center, a non-for-profit community-based organization that does substance abuse counselling for people struggling with addiction. YES works close with the Levittown Community Action Coalition.
“We want people to come today because we find that the opioid academic usually starts with pills.” Said Elizabeth Roemer, who is the Assistant Super Intendant for Curriculum and Instruction at Island Trees High School.

Drug Take Back Day is a safe way to get rid of them. “I wanted to get rid of what I had in my medicine cabinet, there’s no need for it.” Said Margaret Thomas.

A lot of work with prevention is also done with the kids in the schools. LCAC has a youth committee of about 32 kids in both school districts (Island Trees and Levittown) that focus on underage drinking vaping, and marijuana because it can lead to bigger addictions. “We want kids from all various groups to join the Coalition to try and get a sense of what is attracting them to the vaping” said Roemer. “There is a real concern for vaping and teachers will start to play videos about the dangers of vaping to the students.” Roemer added.

In 2017-2018 there were 72 overdoses reported in the Levittown Community and of the reported, 12 were fatal. “A lot of deaths over 40 in the Levittown community which is higher compared to other communities. The average is in the twenties.” Added Alba
These numbers are probably higher because with an overdose it might be documented as a heart attack or different diseases which is true and its connected but what they do find out from the family’s is that it was an overdose and they were struggling from addiction.” Said Alba

There has been an increase in overdoses on Long Island every year. This interactive graph shows the increase of Nassau and Suffolk County by year. The numbers for 2017 are still unofficial. Sources: Suffolk County medical examiner’s office and Nassau County medical examiner’s office.

LCAC is training people in Naloxone (Narcan) which reverses the opioid overdose. A nasal spray that goes up the persons nose and will actually reverse the overdose. They person who overdoses comes back to life pretty much immediately. There were 54 reported documented saves from naloxone. These numbers can be higher because not every save is reported.
“Sometimes with these saves, the police or EMT will report that they are going back to the same house a lot sometimes to the same house and even the same people, in the same night.” Said Alba
Drug overdoses on Long Island continue to be a problem but The Levittown Community Action Coalition is doing everything they can to help make a difference in their community.




Fairway Market 5k Turkey Trot Has Over 400 Runners Giving Back

Orange and yellow leaves were falling from the swirling winds, smoke from the warm fire rising and sneakers being tightly double knotted as approximately 400 runners warmed up in preparation for the Fairway Market 5k Turkey Trot at Eisenhower Park this Saturday.
RaceAwesome.com is using this charity race to collect cash donations for the INN located in Hempstead, New York. The INN is a not-for-profit volunteer-based organization that provides a broad variety of essential services to assist those challenged by hunger, homelessness and profound poverty.
Two races took place, a 1k “Chase the Gobbler” race for kids which is generally a family sporting event and a 5k race for adults. A 5k run is 5 kilometers long, which is equivalent to 3.1 miles.

“It is a pretty unique race, we have fires, hot chocolate, Fairway Market does an amazing job, there’s apple pie for everybody to eat after the race.” Said Corey Roberts, Race Director from RaceAwesome.com
Roberts and others from his crew took 4 hours the day prior to the race to set up and Roberts was at Eisenhower Park at 4 a.m. to make sure everything was in place on race day. The race started at 8:45 a.m. “We do everything from insurance to permitting, we design the course, we even cut wood for fires, we essentially do everything that you see here.” Roberts added.
“I mapped out the course 5 years ago just from running in this park. I had my own little course that I used to come in here and run I just took it from that and made it. Our course is unique, there’s a lot of races in Eisenhower Park and there’s a few different certified 5k courses out there but we went out and created our own course because we wanted to be different.” Said Roberts. The start and finish line are virtually right next to each other, deep into Eisenhower Park creating a nice scenery for runners.
As runners walked over to Field 6, they were greeted by volunteer Michael Mandolese, dressed up in a turkey outfit, he brought much fun and enthusiasm to the event. Encouraging and motivating others prior and during the race. “I’m here for the kids, to make it fun for them.” Mandolese said.

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“It’s a great way to wake up, pump some energy into your body. Running wakes you up and gets your day going. I love it.” Said Samuel Kuwano from Great Neck, New York who participated in the 5k race.
After the races runners got that opportunity to enter raffles, roast marshmallows and enjoy the many foods provided by Fairway Market. Many awaited to check out their score times to see if they won awards. The top male and female runners received fairway gift cards and apple pie. There was also Fairway coffee awarded to those who placed top in their age group, which was in five year intervals.
The day is for anyone looking to give back for a good cause and kick start their day with a little run. Families and friends of all ages can attend to this fun filled event that creates a stress free noncompetitive environment for the runners.

Macy’s Receiving Team Faces Challenges as Holiday Season Approaches

With pallets smacking against the floor, box cutters tearing through tape and sensors being snapped into clothing, this is only considered a glimpse of the grind that the Macy’s Receiving team takes part in.

The challenges during the holiday season for big retailers like Macy’s starts much sooner than you think. Customers and other people who don’t work in these big retail stores are not sure of how the inventory process works and what needs to be accomplished in order to get these clothes and products out on the store floor to be available for purchase. It’s a hardworking and hectic process for the Macy’s receiving team of Sunrise Mall that begins to ramp up in the middle of September.

A challenge that might be shocking to some for a job like this is the lack of man power for some truck days. Not enough employees working on the truck means that unloading the truck takes longer and processing the truck carries over into the next day. “A typical truck day depending on when we start usually lasts about 9 hours if we have enough man power, but sometimes the truck can drag a few hours over when we are supposed to be finished.” Said Macy’s Receiving Manager Trevor Pitter. “We have decent man power for the Holiday season but it is always tough when we have 3 or more trucks in a week.” Pitter said.

The receiving room is big, but Macy’s can definitely use more space especially with the Holiday season approaching. Already starting to store Christmas pajamas and winter gloves this takes up space that is sometimes needed for current truck days. “When there are a lot of trucks as we get closer to the Holiday season we need to spend time strategically placing and stacking things so we can create as much room as possible. It makes our life easier.” Said Brian Lattimore, a Receiving employee.

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With the abundance of high-priced clothes and handbags coming in, security sensors are needed more than ever during this time of year. The problem is Lattimore has to spend time organizing and finding the right sensors as boxes on the line start to pile up. “It doesn’t get stressful, I just do what I can. I tell the security team that we need sensors because we run out sometimes but they don’t always come in time.” Lattimore added.

The truck can be going smoothly until things have to come to a pause in the afternoon. UPS delivers products for Macy’s Backstage and takes outgoing online orders from Macy’s. This puts the truck on standby for about an hour sometimes because so much stuff comes off the UPS truck, the team has to move things around in order to unload from the UPS truck. Nick Petrelli, a Receiving employee said “Sometimes its annoying because you don’t know how long it will take or how much is coming off and going on, especially when you’re making progress with the original truck. It’s not the worst thing in the world though because it’s a few more hours of work which means more money.”

This Holiday season won’t be the first rodeo for this group but they know what to expect as they take on multi truck weeks starting in October.





NBA Draft Best Fits

Best Fits

Selected 14. Nuggets – Michael Porter Jr. SF/Missouri

The early story of the first round was the slippage of Michael Porter Jr. The talented freshman sat out most of the year until returning for the last few games of the season due to back surgery. Ranked #2 in ESPN’s top 100 this past year, he arguably would’ve been the top pick in last year’s draft if he was allowed to declare. The risk at 14 was worth it for the Nuggets with an already filled out starting roster. MPJ is arguably the most talented offensive player in this draft, however his back is a major concern.

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Selected 18. Spurs – Lonnie Walker IV SG/Miami

Walker IV was a lottery talent who slid into a perfect spot amid some injury concerns. The former five-star recruit tore his meniscus prior to his freshman year but is still a great physical athlete. He doesn’t have a great handle and is a streaky shooter but can elevate over his defenders and make tough shots. He has the physical ability to become more then a catch and shoot guy at the NBA level. His length for a guard gives him some upside as an above average NBA defender. With Kawhi Leonard looking like he has played his last game with the Spurs, Walker IV should gain a ton of minutes and experience in his rookie season. There isn’t a better place to develop in the NBA than with San Antonio.

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Selected 27. Celtics – Robert Williams C/Texas A&M

There were questions about Williams’ work ethic that knocked him towards the end of the first round. The 2-time SEC defensive player of the year has also been viewed as a lottery talent. A powerful athlete who can get up and down in transition. A great shot blocker. And athletic enough to switch on the perimeter. Williams can catch the lob and it wasn’t shown that often in the pick and roll at A&M because he only rolled 9 times last season off the pick and roll. That might’ve been because of the way he was used having to play next to a space eater down low in Tyler Davis. All of Williams’ strengths are what the current Celtic centers don’t have.

Memorabilia Show at Hofstra

Hofstra University held a sports memorabilia show this past month. The show included the likes of former players who signed for fans as well as some of the rarest pieces you will see. Many fans came to the event to buy all different types of memorabilia.

Fanduel Week 6 Tournament Darts

Fanduel Week 6 Tournament Darts

QB- Kevin Hogan, Browns @ Texans: ($6,100)

Hogan will be getting his first career start this Sunday in replace of DeShone Kizer. The second-year pro out of Stanford is mobile and has shown in previous games where he has replaced Kizer or in last year’s case, Cody Kessler, that he can make plays with his legs. Last year, when Hogan replaced Kessler, Hogan scampered 7 times for 104 yards and a touchdown. Two weeks ago, the Texans let up 39 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns to Marcus Mariota in the first half. Mariota missed the second half due to a hamstring injury. With the Texans losing J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus for the rest of the year, this game could become a shootout with a projected total of 47 points from Vegas. The Texans have allowed the 7th most fantasy points to Quarterback’s. Hogan’s passing numbers last week against the Jets were more than fine, posting 194 yards through the air with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception, completing 16/19 passes.

Don’t get me wrong, it will take some guts to play Hogan, but for his price, he opens up the rest of your lineup. He can have 10 fantasy points on Sunday and it wont kill you. If you lose, it’s because of the players you picked in your lineup with Hogan. He won’t be higher than 5% owned and should hit value at the minimum.

WR- JuJu Smith-Schuster, Steelers @ Cheifs: ($5,200)

JuJu on that beat? The rookie from USC has played and ran more pass routes than Martavis Bryant over the last three weeks. Smith-Schuster is also top-10 in both Red Zone targets and targets inside the 10. The matchup that we want is Smith-Schuster in the slot vs Chiefs slot corner Phillip Gaines. Gaines is one of the worst slot corners in the league and has been continously picked on especially with the rise in play of left corner Terrance Mitchell. A rumor out of Pittsburgh suggests that Martavis Bryant could get a “break” at times on Sunday allowing Eli Rogers to be in the slot which would place Smith-Schuster outside. I don’t expect this “break” to have such an impact that Smith-Schuster won’t see Gaines often. Big Ben’s horrid play last week doesn’t worry me as he still threw for 312 yards, although it was on 55 attempts. The Steelers should be trailing in this game vs the leaky Chiefs secondary that has allowed the most fantasy points and touchdowns (9) to Wide Receivers this year.

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WR- Adam Humphries, Buccaneers @ Cardinals: ($4,900)

Humphries is the price of a kicker. He has seen targets of 5, 7 and 10 the last three weeks. Patrick Peterson will shadow Mike Evans all over the filed which should leave some targets up for grabs. Last year, Humphries saw 8 targets and reeled in 6 catches for 67 yards vs the Cardinals. That would hit value on Fanduel with his current price. In that game, Jameis Winston was putrid throwing 4 interceptions. That won’t be the case Sunday as the Cardinals have given up the 5th most points to Wide Receivers.

Humphries upside is capped because the Bucs don’t need him stretching the field with Jackson and Evans. However, he is a safe dart if there is ever a thing due to his steady target share of 7 targets on average over the last 3 weeks. He has a high floor in a game that will be high scoring.

TE- Austin Hooper, Falcons Vs Dolphins ($4,800)

The coveted late round preseason sleeper in season long leagues has had a bit of a roller coaster season. Hooper’s first three games resulted in a surprisingly low target share only recording two targets in all three. In week one, Hooper had a fluky long touchdown that went for 88 yards, but credit has to be given to a violent stiff arm that he delivered to Quintitn Demps.

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In weeks two and three Hooper had a combined 16 yards. In week four, Hooper collected 7 targets and 5 catches for 50 yards. While this was a byproduct of the Falcons losing Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu to injury, Sanu is looking doubtful to play Sunday. Although Jones will probably play, it is worth noting that Hooper ended up leading the team in catches and targets with the receiver duo being sidelined.

Falcons Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian said Thursday that he believes the offense can lean on Hooper more.

Opposing offenses are targeting Tight Ends on 28% of throws vs the Dolphins which is the 4th highest in the league. Hooper has played on 70% of snaps in four-straight games and with Sanu looking unlikely to play Hooper has massive upside in tournaments.




Dolphins Jets Recap

Dolphins Jets Recap

The Jets came out in front of their home crowd hyped up and motivated for their first win of the season. The Jets defensive front set the tone early by not letting Jay Ajayi run all over them. Ajayi only had 11 carries for 16 yards, head scratching to say the least but not when you take a look at the game Demario Davis played. Davis had 10 total stops which led the NFL in week 3 and earned a grade of 93.5 along with Defensive Player of the Week honors from Pro Football Focus. Stuffing the run forced Jay Cutler to throw the ball 44 times. This is not the Dolphins recipe for success. Cutler was sacked three times, averaged five yards a throw and threw for 220 yards to go with an INT and the Dolphins lone touchdown that he threw as time expired to DeVante Parker who salvaged his day on the final drive in which he had 4 catches for 52 yards and the touchdown. Parker totaled 8 catches for 76 yards saving fantasy owners. Cutler had a Quarterback rating of 70.3 and would have been much lower if not for garbage time. The conservative play calling from the Dolphins did not help as they struggled to move the ball down the field. However, you need to give the Jets defense some credit especially in the secondary.

Safety Terrance Brooks, acquired just before the start of the regular season from the Eagles in exchange for CB Dexter McDougle had the best game of his NFL career. Brooks played just three defensive snaps last season as a core special teamer but had two interceptions on Sunday. One of which came on a fake punt from Dolphins Punter Matt Haack and the other from Cutler. Brooks was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week. Brooks has limited action but has yet to an allow a completion this year. Jamal Adams gets all the attention and should but his sidekick Marcus Maye has been quietly putting together a nice rookie campaign himself. The former Florida Gator played 46 coverage snaps and wasn’t targeted once. On the season Maye has 107 coverage snaps, 3 targets, and 29 yards allowed according to Pro Football Focus. Adams was just as good if not better. On 54 snaps, Adams was targeted twice allowing 0 catches. He had a superb pass breakup along the sidelines in which he came sprinting over basically covering half the field. The very next play Adams had a sack. Its hard for Jet fans not to get excited about Adams as he brings the intensity, energy and leadership the Jets have been lacking.

On the offensive side of the ball the Jets didn’t get the run game going, the trio of Running backs had 30 combined carries for only 96 yards. Though, It was nice to see Bilal Powell get into the endzone from 1 yard out as he had the most touches out of the trio with 15. With the run game stalling you would think McCown would be in for a rough day, nope, exactly the opposite. McCown had his best game as a Jet which allowed him to go 18/23 for 249 yards. He also averaged 10.8 yards per attempt and had a Quarterback rating of 126.3. Lawrence Thomas, yes, Jets Defensive End Lawrence Thomas lined up at Fullback for a few plays and actually ended up catching a pass for 15 yards. Thomas nearly broke a tackle and if he stayed on his feet he had a good shot at the end zone. Austin Seferian-Jenkins returned with 5 catches to go with 31 yards. Seferian-Jenkins will be a bigger part of the offense as the season progresses, six targets out of the gate was nice to see. In my game pre-view I said Robby Anderson was due for a deep ball and he got it to go for 69 yards. He beat Alterraun Verner on a streak down the right sideline for the score. The game was not close as the Jets got their first win of the year with a score of 20-6. Many Jet fans wanted them to tank and go 0-16 but 1-15 is still with in reach which would allow them to take the face of the franchise at Quarterback.

The Jets will host the improved Jaguars in Week 4 while the Dolphins will take the long plane ride to London to play the Saints.