MLB Fantasy Busts

Kris Bryant 3B Chicago Cubs

Ranked 36 on Yahoo, I will gladly pass. At a deep position, Bryant is not worth that price. In 2019 his hard hit % was bad, along with his exit velocity. Though he was dealing with some nagging injuries, 31 homers and 77 RBI’s (147 games) is not going to cut it from a player you potentially draft inside the top 40. Now leading off this year for the Cubs, Bryant’s RBI upside is shot. Eugenio Suarez is being taken 40 picks after Bryant. Why? I don’t know, but take advantage of it.


Adalberto Mondesi SS Kansas City Royals

Going around pick 40, I have no idea why you would pick Mondesi. The only reason would be you want steals in your roto league. But at pick 40? Yikes. SS is a sneaky deep position this year as well. In a terrible offense, coming of shoulder surgery, there is zero chance I take a player with Mondesi’s hitting metrics (all horrible) and situation.


Hyun-Jin Ryu SP Toronto Blue Jays

Fresh off an ERA title, Ryu signed a four-year deal worth $80 million this off season and lands in a pretty bad spot. He goes from pitching in the NL West to the AL East and will now have to face a DH every night instead of a pitcher. The ballparks won’t do him any favors either. The Jays will not give Ryu the same amount of run support like the Dodgers did last year. Injuries have always been a problem with Ryu. Soon to be 33 years old his upside is very limited as he never has posted big strikeout numbers throughout his career. At an ADP of 120 there are plenty of pitchers in that range with more upside and strikeout potential.

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