Data Story: Which 2017 NBA Superstars Earn The Most Money From Endorsements?

Many NBA players reel in the big bucks but few have their own signature shoes and handful of endorsements. A signature shoe from an NBA superstar can bring in millions alone. NBA superstars get some of the most eye opening endorsement deals compared to other sports. For example, when Nike rewarded LeBron James with a “lifetime” deal at the end of 2015 that was reportedly as much as $1 billion. I have collected the earnings of the top 10 2017 NBA Superstars who earn the most both on and off the court in terms of millions.

Source: Forbes

Nike dominates the NBA when it comes to what the players are rocking on their feet. According to Business Insider 64.3% of NBA players wear Nike shoes. That number would jump to 72.0% if we include players who wear Jordan Brand, a subsidiary of Nike. It is no surprise to see what the top 10 highest earning Superstars are wearing when it is time to step on the hardwood.

Source: Forbes

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