Data Story Critique

This data story is about a journalist from the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting that looked into detailed boating accidents from 2008 to 2011. Mc Nelly Torres, the journalist, looked at numbers in spreadsheets that were provided by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The graphical presentation on is effective at communicating the information. There is an interactive map of the state of Florida that shows where boating accidents took place. Each boating accident has a colored dot. Each color having a different meaning is one of the keys in this interactive map that effectively presents the graphical data. For example, a red dot shows fatalities, yellow shows injuries and blue shows no injuries or fatalities. If you were to click on one of these dots on the interactive map,  it shows you the date of the accident, the county where the accident took place along with the number of fatalities and injuries. It also tells you the amount of vessels that were involved and the amount of damage that took place in terms of dollars. The coolest thing about these dots is that it shows you the primary cause for the accident.

The takeaway message from this is that Florida is #1 in boating accidents and for many reasons. Many boats are unregistered even though more then 1 million are registered. The casualties from these boating accidents are often not wearing life jackets. Another takeaway from the map is that it puts into perspective the amount of boating accidents that actually took place in Florida. The map encourages exploration because you might be curious to see the amount of accidents in your town or the county that you may live in or often visit. I do not believe the map is misleading because the data is accurate from extensive research. This form does afford accurate comparisons because on the interactive map you can compare the different boating accidents from various towns and city’s in the state of Florida. Besides from the map, there are also many interesting facts stated within the article.

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