Video Story Critique

In this video on Yahoo finance it talks about how investors are cautious ahead of the Q1 earning season. The video starts out with an interview talking about investors. As the interview is occurring they put the audio for the interview over a few stock charts that showed earnings for six month periods. As they change to show charts there is a little special effect where the screen looks to wash away the chart with colors. I like this effect because it isn’t boring and it is unique. After the last chart that the video shows they switch to a video to where they are zoomed in on the New York Stock Exchange bell. They zoom out slowly to show business people above the bell. Even though we do not know who these people are I like this footage because it gives us some anticipation investors may feel about the upcoming season. It then goes back to the interview. At this point we have seen the interviewer and the person being interviewed in a wide shot. We have also seen Nicole Sinclair, the person being interviewed, close up.  In the interview alone they have given us many angles. The video then gives us a look inside the New York Stock Exchange which shows multiple interactions between employees. The audio from the interview is still being played over the shots the show from inside the New York Stock Exchange. At the tail end of the video, they start to talk about oil and the audio plays over some video shots of oil drilling.

In this video there were many different shots including informational charts, different angles from the interview and also a look inside the New York Stock Exchange. I liked the sequencing of this video, I thought it flowed very nicely. I also liked how the audio for the interview was being played over other video shots. Overall, this video was a successful story.


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