Photo Story

Ted Schlomann is an accountant on Long Island. He first started as an intern at the age of 21. He attended Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He has been working as an accountant at a local firm for the last 10 years. Approximately six years ago he passed the CPA exam. He is a partner within his firm and also helps manage the staff. He is a very social person which helps him excel as an accountant. He travels upstate, to New York City and all over Long Island to meet with clients.

Ted Schlomann,32, is from Bellmore, New York.
Schlomann arrives for his long day during tax season at 8:30 AM.
He first meets with a client to gather information about tax returns. 
During the meeting he helps plan with the client for the upcoming year.
The hectic tax season has Schlomann work around 65 hours a week compared to his normal 40 hour week.
Schlomann does audits not-for-profit and prepares financial statements for most of his day.
He has two computer screens up to help prepare tax returns.
Schlomann has a lot of work on board as he is anxious to finish and go camping with his children.
After meeting with clients he often jokes and says “your handshake is tougher than tax season.” No matter how firm the handshake is.
Schlomann’s long day is over when he finishes his work for the day. Some days he finishes early, others he stays late into the night. 

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