Photo Series Critique


The photo series I chose to critique is about the Chicago Cub fans and players celebrating their first World Series win in over 108 years. The formal elements in these photos help the storytelling. Each photo has a lot of positive emotion in it. The beer and champagne being sprayed shows the excitement of the players. The few fans that were hanging off of street signs and their faces in general show the genuine excitement of the fans. Fans also flooded the streets of Chicago to celebrate in huge crowds. They’re are a variety of shots in the series. One photo is a police officer fist bumping a young cubs fan. In my opinion this photo shows me that everyone in the city of Chicago has come together because of the Cubs win. In the series it shows the players and fans reactions as I mentioned before. It also shows individual fans celebrating as well as a crowd of fans. There is also a closeup of Cubs third basemen Kris Bryant kissing his girlfriend. That photo is different from the rest because there is no alcohol being sprayed and nobody is screaming as they celebrate. The pacing of this photo series doesn’t vary that much in my opinion. From start to finish the feeling throughout this series is a rush of excitement. The storyteller chose the first image because that is right after the Cubs got the last out. They are all rushing towards each other to dog pile on one another. I believe the storyteller chose the last image because the Cubs are carrying off veteran catcher David Ross. Ross was the oldest player on a team with a bunch of young players. They nicknamed him “Grandpa Rossy”. It was Ross’s last game because of retirement, so this being the last image is perfect in my eyes. In this photo series there are not any captions to go along with the pictures. I don’t think there needs to be any though. The Cubs winning the World Series was such a big event that everyone knew what these photos were telling. All that was needed was a short paragraph explaining the photos which the storyteller included. An unusual image in this series is a security worker standing on the hood of his truck with a smile on his face as he overlooks an excited crowd. I found this interesting because most security workers probably wouldn’t be standing on their truck with a smile on their face. It would seem like a horrible situation for someone working security. Overall, I liked the photos in this photo series.






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