The Current and Future State of The News Industry


In today’s society, the news has become more of a topic of conversation than ever before. People turn to social media to see raw footage of things that happen at events that nobody else may be able to catch on camera or video. These pictures and  videos that are posted on social media can become  trending instantly. The current state of the news industry is very concerning in my opinion. You turn on CNN and it is saying one thing, while Fox News is saying another about the same exact topic. The term “fake news” is becoming a bigger cause for concern day by day. I don’t see the “fake news” stopping anytime soon. This is because whatever people see or hear on the news is what they tend to believe, especially if it is in favor of the political party of their choice or their preferred presidential candidate.  With all the social media we have today, I believe that the future state of the news may be worse in 5-10 years than it is right now. This is because more technology will develop and fake news will spread across all social media platforms. I am not so sure if there is a way to stop the spread of fake news. Anybody can post or publish whatever news they want. One way that I can think of that may potentially limit the spreading of fake news is reporting a tweet or post of something that you know is not true. Others have suggested to ask yourself these five questions before believing if news is fake or not. I like that article a lot because most people don’t think to themselves prior to believing in news they hear or see. It will be very interesting to see how the news industry unfolds in the upcoming weeks, months, and even years.


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